6 things to consider when looking to buy promotional products

Posted on 12 September 2016

When looking to buy promotional products it's important to ask yourself, "Does this product meet one or more these needs?"

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Importance of incorporating promotional products into your marketing mix

Posted on 08 September 2016

The power of promotional products for the purpose of advertising your companies brand is as relevant as it has ever been and should still have a place in your promotional marketing mix.

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Give the gift of power, with a branded Power Bank

Posted on 02 September 2016

Branded Power Banks are a popular promotional give away as they not only provide the ideal solution for keeping smart phones charged all day but they also offer you a great platform for showcasing your companies brand.

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5 reasons why you should choose USB Print when ordering your branded USB's and Power Banks...

Posted on 22 August 2016

Looking to purchase branded USB's or Power Banks? Here's 5 reasons why you should make UK based USB Print your next choice...

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Increasing Brand Exposure with Promotional Products

Posted on 15 August 2016

In an ever saturated market how can small to medium sized business look to compete and ensure their brands are at the forefront of their customers minds?

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USB Print Launch

Posted on 13 April 2016

Our simple six step online customisation tool allows you to select your desired USB model, print style, data options, packaging and accessories- all from the comfort of your desk.

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