A Guide to Buying Branded USB Flash Drives- and Why Cheap isn’t Always Best!

When it comes to promoting your business and deciding on which promotional products to purchase, price is often a key factor. The problem with this is that low cost can often mean inferior quality and a short product life span.


Branded USB Flash Drives are a great promotional product due to their longevity and usability. Both are at risk if you compromise on quality as they will end up not working at all, or at least not working for long. This means you will inevitably end up spending more money in the long run as well as possibly damaging your brand reputation. 


A branded USB Flash Drive doesn’t just have your company’s name on it; it is a representation of your brand.


The Problem with Low Cost USB Flash Drives

  • They tend to be slow which in today’s fast paced technological world is as bad as not working at all!

  • You get what you pay for. Often the cheap branded USB sticks are made from poor quality components and are not durable enough for repeated use

  • They often have a high failure rate and a shorter life span

  • They could run the risk of coming intact with malware

  • They offer little to no security which means if a customer uses and then loses your branded USB Flash Drive they are at risk of having all data on the stick stolen.


Whilst expensive doesn’t always mean superior quality, price should not be the only factor considered when purchasing branded USB Flash Drives.



5 Tips for choosing the right branded USB Flash Drives for your business:


  1. Do your research and ask questions about everything; from where the components are sourced to what the guarantees are available on the product. Any reputable supplier would be happy to accommodate your questions in the best way they can!

  2. Carefully read the terms and conditions as this is where you will find information such as where the branded USB Flash Drives are being made

  3. Do your research as these branded USB Flash Drives will portray your business so it is worthwhile taking the time to read reviews and check the facts

  4. Ask for their certificate of RoHS compliance meaning that hazardous substances were not used to create the USB Flash Drive

  5. We recommend getting a sample from each prospective company before making a decision.


Just because cheap isn’t always best, doesn’t mean that you must pay vast amounts of money for your branded USB Flash Drives. USB Print offers branded USB Flash Drives starting from just £1.55 per unit, all of which come with a guarantee.


Remember, we hold stock here in the UK and have production capabilities to assemble, print, engrave and package. View our product range: www.usb-print.co.uk/branded-usb-flash-drives .