10 Reasons Why Promotional Products are Still Popular in 2017

No one can deny that marketing has changed a lot over the last few years with the increase in social media and internet marketing, however despite this promotional products such as branded USB Flash Drives are still a popular and effective marketing method in 2017.


Although there has been a significant shift towards digital marketing, promotional products such as branded USB flash drives and Power Banks go hand in hand with today’s technological age and are as popular today as newer forms of advertising.


If anything, the change in advertising has increased the popularity of promotional products. Now companies do not have to physically attend trade shows in order to get their promotional products to potential customers, they can simply connect with them via a social media competition.


Promotional products are still unique and useful, something that newer forms of advertising are struggling with.


In addition, promotional products are a great way to create a first impression and there is still no better advertisement than a happy customer.


Promotional products have continual visibility once they are sent out; they can be used 5 days a week in an office, whereas digital advertising is often seen once and once only. Many studies have shown that people who receive promotional products keep them for over a year, but can you remember a digital advert from a month ago let alone a year ago?


10 reasons why you should include promotional products in your marketing mix

  1. Promotional products have a low price tag but a high success rate
  2. They are a great prize in those ever popular social media giveaways
  3. Promotional products can be sent out from a face-to-face interaction or a virtual interaction, giving us the best of both worlds
  4. Promotional USB’s and Power Banks go hand in hand with today’s technological fascination, we love to accessorise our technology!
  5. Promotional products are in a league of their own in between internet marketing and print marketing
  6. Promotional products target a specific audience of potential customers while still having a large reach
  7. They have long lasting exposure
  8. Consumers still like a physical gift as opposed to a virtual one
  9. People need products such as USB’s and Power Banks, therefore if they are given a promotional one they are highly likely to use it
  10. Promotional products are a win-win. Consumers advertise your brand for you while using something that they like.


Promotional products may have more competition now than ever, but that is not slowing down their success rates. Why not try it for yourself? Order your promotional USB flash drives and Power Banks with USB Print.