Increasing brand visability with a branded Power Bank

When it comes to advertising your business, branded merchandise is still a clear front runner. Having products such as power banks with your business name, logo and details on can lead to increased brand visibility, increased sales and your very own brand ambassadors. The return on investment on promotional products has been proven to be better than radio and outdoor advertising and equal to that of TV and print advertising.


The days of a branded pen in a promotional goodie bag or as an employee gift are fading quickly as they are becoming obsolete with our use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. If you look around you in an office, a public place or on public transport most if not all of the people around you will be using some form of technology as opposed to writing something down. This is where the branded power bank comes in. A recent survey showed that custom branded power banks are currently the trending promotional gadget and showed signs of increased growth as well.


Power banks are small devices that can charge a mobile phone, tablet or laptop any time and any place, while people are on the go. They are a necessity which makes them the fast growing leader in branded products.


Branded power banks are not only practical but they have value as a promotional gift. There are a number of reasons why power banks are so effective, the main reason being that they have instant usability and also they can be used continually so there is no time limitations on these products.


In addition, there is a huge need for power banks as there are around 2 billion smartphones in the world, not to mention other electronic devices, all of which will at some point need charging on the go. There is currently a constant, every day need for power banks and the longer a promotional product is kept the more impressions it will make so a promotional power bank is the perfect promotional gift.


What helps branded power banks to be such successful advertising tools is their size. They are small enough to fit in a goodie bag but they also have greater value and usefulness than most other promotional items their size.


Power banks containing a company’s logo provide great visibility for the company as they are often on show. Furthermore, they contain enough space to include the company’s logo, contact details and name in a clear font whereas a lot of promotional products can only fit a logo or company name.


An additional and important benefit to giving out branded power banks is that they suit both businesses and end users so regardless of who your business is targeting they will be equally effective. Branded power banks have great usability and will be necessary in times to come as well. They are also likely to be used on a daily basis by those that have them giving you a greater audience reach.


What sets power banks apart from other gadgets is that there is a constant need for them yet they are still fairly new to the market so not everyone has purchased themselves yet and even if they have, almost everyone has more than 1 device!


Our branded power banks can be designed and purchased in three easy steps here.